80 Unique Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips allow people from across the world to access geological outcrops and experiences even when we are confined at home. They also help geoscientists plan their next field excursion.

Most of these geological field trips are fully accessible with your internet browser and require no special software apart from Google Earth in some cases. They span from the iconic volcanic landscape of Iceland, to the fossil-rich hills of central California. While some virtual field trips are simple images with accompanying text, while others are full 3D experiences.

You can begin exploring by using the map below to choose a virtual field trip.

**If you click on a link and are given a redirect notice in Google Chrome, this is normal, just click on the link shown on the page.**

360-Degree Geologic Expeditions

Virtual field trip of the Columns of the Giants in California.


3D models of geologic strata and structures from “structure from motion photogrammetry”.

Arizona State University Field Trips

Multiple interactive and adaptive virtual field trips across the world.

EPICC Virtual Field Experiences

Virtual field trips of the fossil-rich Kettleman Hills of Central California.

ERock Virtual Outcrops

Virtual 3D outcrops of carbonates, clastic and crystalline rocks from across the world.

GeoTour: Discover Alberta's Landscapes

A virtual field trip of 14 sites across Alberta from the comfort of your own home.

Illinois Department Of Geology Virtual Field Trips

Virtual geological field trips in your browser across 6 US states.

Kentucky Geological Survey Virtual Field Trips

Virtual geological field trips across multiple states.

Maryland Appalachians Virtual Field Trip

An enhanced Google Earth Virtual geological field trips across the Maryland Appalachians


An initiative of the TecTask to share outcrop images, locations and descriptions from across the world.

Rock Mass Characterization

An engineering geology field trip to prepare you to characterize rock masses in the field.


An open access database of information about classic geological outcrops. The database is run by the SAFARI project, a collaboration between Uni Research in Bergen and the University of Aberdeen.

Streetcar 2 Subduction

Multiple geological field trips across the San Francisco Bay Area, updated for AGU’s centennial.

University Of Leeds Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips of 6 locations across the world.

University Of Texas Libraries VFTs

Large list of virtual field trips across North America.

V3Geo Virtual Outcrops

Virtual 3D field scans of outcrops across the world that can be downloaded or explored online.

Virtual Field Trips Of Iceland

Virtual field trips of three locations in Iceland, with supporting exercises.

Virtual Field Trips Of Nova Scotia

Join a scenic virtual flight around Nova Scotia. In the fantastic world of cyberspace we will enjoy some spectacular vistas from the air and occasionally land to look at the geology up close and personal.

Virtual Field Trips Of Oregon

Virtual field trips of many locations in Oregon. Also available as downloadable Google Earth files.

Virtual Field Trip Project - Tajao

Virtual field trip of Tajao developed by the University of Southampton

Virtual Field Trip Project - Tenerife

Virtual field trip of Tenerife developed by the University of Southampton

Virtual Field Trips Of Vancouver

Browser-based field trip of the area surrounding Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Virtual Reality Glaciers And Glaciated Landscapes

Virtual field trips that explore the fascinating and often spectacular world of glaciers and glaciated landscapes.

Virtual Smithsonian

Virtually walk through the halls of the Smithsonian.