15 Interactive Earth Science Simulations


A web app that can quickly be used to model and simulate climate changes based on green house gas emissions and other factors.

Earthquake Simulator

Flash based online earthquake simulator.

Edu Web Labs

Many earth science and browser based interactive simulations.


Earth science and environmental science interactive simulations and activities.

Eruptions, Earthquakes & Emissions

A web app that displays the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that have occurred worldwide since 1960.

Gizmos Online Interactive Exercises

Exercises from K-12 on many sciences including geology/Earth Sciences.

Model My Watershed

A online watershed modeling web app to model storm water runoff and water quality impact; analyze land use data; and compare different runoff scenarios.

Ocean Data Labs Exploration Tools

Free online interactive data visualizations using data from the Ocean Observatories Initiative.

PhET Interactive Simulations

Interactive simulations of diffusion and glaciers along with other physical/chemical phenomena.

Randy Russell Game Reviews

Reviews of and links to climate change/science games, simulations and exercises.

Remote Sensing Virtual Lab

Learning exercises and simulations related to remote sensing.

Seismic Explorer

Interactive world map showing all earthquake events across the world for the past 4 decades.

Visible Geology

Online program for structural geology classes to help visualize dips, faults and folds.

World-Wide Earthquake Locator

Interactive map of world-wide earthquake events.

ZirChron A Virtual Zircon Analysis App

An interactive web app showing how to analyze geological ages using Zircons.