26 Earth Science Exercises

Athro Earth Science

Exercises from interpreting geologic sections to rock types.

BioInteractive Evolution Classes

Various activities and exercises relating to evolution.

BioInteractive Geology Classes

Various activities and exercises relating to geology.

Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network

Peer reviewed lectures, activities and courses on climate and energy resources.

Drilling Simulator

Interactive activity on borehole drilling.

Earth Exploration Toolbook

Collection of online Earth system science activities.

Earth Learning Idea

Collection of geological exercises that anyone can setup and use at home or in the classroom.

Exploring Earth

Interactive exercises on the Earth, divided into chapters.

CSI North Wales

A 3D game that launches you as a forensic geoscientist trying to solve a crime.

Fracking Simulator

An interactive fracking simulator.

Geohub Liverpool Exercises

Downloadable geological exercises from drawing thin sections, to learning how subduction zones form.

Geology On-Line Labs

Online activities to enhance the learning and teaching of earth science.

Geomorphological Games

Online games, exercises and labs to visualize geology in Hawaii and the Grand Canyon.

Google Earth Geology Lab

A PDF exercise showing how to calculate strike and dip in Google Earth.

Google Earth Structural Geology Locations

Locations of interesting structural elements across the world accessed with Google Earth to help show structural geology in the class room.

Groundwater Simulator

An interactive simulator on groundwater movement.

GSA Plate Tectonics Activity

Online interactive activity to learn about plate tectonics.

IRIS Videos On Seismology

Nearly 300 short videos, exercises and activities by the incorporated research institutions for seismology.

Magma Drillers Online Game

An online game for teachers and students developed by the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Paleontological Research Institution Activities

A resource list on paleontological activities from grades K-12.

Research Quest

Interactive activity on solving the mysteries of Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

SEPM Strata Exercises

Lectures, movies and exercises related to sequence stratigraphy.

SERC Teaching Materials

Large list of projects and exercises relating to the earth sciences.

Teach Earth Science

Many geological/earth science activities for grades 3-8.

Virtual Courseware On The Earth Sciences

Online exercises and tutorials on earth and environmental sciences.

Virtual Landscapes Exercises

Multiple virtual exercises on geological mapping, virtual landscape and topography.